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The Hero 5K Race calls for attention on sudden death for epilepsy

        Kendra Richardson once thought that her daughter, Mariah Loriston, would be cured when she was diagnosed with epilepsy in March, 2014.
        But Kendra was wrong.
        Nine months later, the six-year-old girl suddenly stopped breathing and started relying on life support. Kendra prayed for a miracle but it never happened. A few days later, Mariah said goodbye to the world.
        It was at that time that Kendra found the term "SUDEP," which stands for "Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy."
        Two years after her lost, Kendra created "The Hero 5k Run," an event to bring awareness to epilepsy and SUDEP. 
        Currently, more than one out of 1,000 people with epilepsy dies from SUDEP each year. 

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Missouri Campaign Finance Reform Raises Concerns

      Missouri is one of only 12 states that does not have limits on campaign finance.
      On Nov. 8, citizens will be voting on five amendments to the Missouri Constitution. Amendment 2 will establish limits on campaign contributions to candidates seeking office. If put in place, individual donors in Missouri will no longer be able to donate millions to campaigns. Currently, donors can give any amount they see fit as long as they follow the rules established by the Missouri Ethics Commission...

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"Why Art?" artists series

CelebrARTy is an annual project of artists' mentoring celebrities for creative learning experiences. The project, started from 2014, is held by Access Arts, a non-profit organization in Columbia, Missouri.

In this video, local artist Jennifer Bennett, one of the mentors from CelebrARTy, discusses art's value as humanity's way of learning problem-solving skills.